Polio Update

Monday, January 2, 2023 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Greetings, and welcome to a new year.  We get closer every day to eliminating polio.  And we will, with your continued support along with other Rotarians around the world.

Three Cheers!!!   $527,050  This is the total our District has contributed, since July 2020, to end polio.  $70,00 of this came from the District level.  The balance is from your club programs and individual contributions. 
Add the doubling effect of the Gates Foundation for a total of over $1.5 million.  We have saved over 750,000 children from polio. 

Celebrate:  NO NEW CASES of Wild Polio Virus Type 1  anywhere in the world, now for the last 15 weeks.
There have been 30 cases reported in 2022 (as of December 13).  Where have they come from:
Afghanistan:  2
Pakistan:  20
Mozambique:  8

Afghanistan has vaccinated 5.36 million nine- to 59-month old children against measles while 6.1 million infants to 59-month-olds received oral polio vaccine during the vaccination drive held from 26 November to 12 December.
Based on the data from Afghanistan's Ministry of Public Health Expanded Program on Immunization, the campaign covered 329 districts in all 34 provinces of the country – with 4,341 vaccination teams comprised of four members on each team.

We've received inquiries from many of you wondering how this'll affect our polio workers, many of whom are women and play a vital role in our vaccination efforts.

We forwarded this inquiry to Mike McGovern, Rotary's Chair of the International PolioPlus Committee, he responded that the UN had just released a message that "the ban does not apply to the health sector or UN Agencies." 
So although this exemption bodes well for our Polio work, it is devastating news for all other women working with NGO's and the interruption of their vital work in that country. 

Hear Rotary International President Jennifer Jones' perspective on the important role women play in eradicating Polio:

Her comments begin at the three-minute point of the video celebrating World Polio Day. 
 She lays out a very strong case why women are so necessary to sustain the fight to end polio.
The good news is that if someone loads this link they will be able to watch the entire video.  There's some much GOOD info here.

2022 MAY WELL GO DOWN IN HISTORY AS THE YEAR OF CONTRASTS IN POLIO ERADICATION.  At first glance, with polio detections in places such as New York and London and an increase in cases in Pakistan, i
t may seem that the effort is backsliding. But according to GPEI, a deeper analysis reveals a more encouraging story.  2022 saw perhaps some of the most significant progress in the program's history,
and has set up the global polio effort for a unique opportunity to achieve success in 2023.

Thank you for being a Polio warrior in your club!  Here are items to add to your New Year's Resolution:
  • Continue to share this information with your club members.
  • Ask members who are not yet a member of the PolioPlus Society to give at least $10 a month to the Polio Fund by using Rotary Direct
    Then have them complete the attached contribution form and email it to Mike Crosby.
  • Your club can receive a banner (at no cost) that celebrates your support to End Polio Now.  Ask us what it takes to earn this banner.
  • Start your planning to use your public image team to celebrate World Immunization Week (April 24-30).  World Immunization Week is an annual event observed in the last week of April.
    It aims to educate the public about why vaccines are necessary for the health of millions of people around the world. For numerous reasons, children and adults miss out on essential vaccines
    which increases their risk of contracting various preventable diseases such as polio, measles, and smallpox
Please ask us how we can help.  We are available for club programs, or share how you can help bring attention in your community to Rotary's Top Humanitarian goal:  Ending Polio!

Your EndPolio Now District Committee

Mike Crosby     Carol Landry     Kay Resler     Jim Vlantis     John Waterman

Rotary Means Business Nick

Monday, January 2, 2023 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Nick Canata presents his business and gives us a short introduction to horticulture.

Click here for more information


PHF Recognition for Tim Dahl

Monday, January 2, 2023 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Donation made to the Mothers of Brentwood

Monday, January 2, 2023 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson


The Mothers of Brentwood was founded in 2005.  We are an independently-run and member-driven 501(c)3 organization that strives to meet the diverse and changing needs of mothers in our community.

Mothers of Brentwood offers support to mothers throughout Brentwood in Contra Costa County.  Whether you’re a stay-at-home, part-time or full-time working mom, trying to conceive or already expecting, we offer a variety of activities for you and your child(ren).

Marsh Creek Elementry say thank you

Monday, January 2, 2023 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
Click here to view the video presentation from the teachers of Marsh Creek Elementary

Rotary Community Grant , Resource update

Monday, January 2, 2023 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
Our Village Resource Grant really came together with the help of this fabulous leader, Leah Rodrigue.  Thank you to Elvin Geronimo for his contributions and all of our follow Rotarians who've gone above and beyond to help.

- Grants Committee member Leah Rodrigue presented updates during the club luncheon meeting
- Sharing update on 2022-2023 District Grant recipient Village Community Resource Center
- Grant has been able to provide (so far) new desks, storage cabinets, classroom lighting and STEM curriculum for the students they serve
- A thank you also to club members who have volunteered and installed lighting, desks and cabinets 

Matt & Eric visit Ron Nunn Elementary delivering dictionaries

Sunday, January 1, 2023 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson



Monday, November 21, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
PP Seana Fippin and PE Julie Deck presented the beginning of " Brentwood Strong", how they got started and now where they are today as an organisation.

Photos from earlier times:

Please follow the link to  "The Brentwood Press" where you will find additional information:

The Brentwood Press Click here


Serving up the Pancakes at Adams Middle School

Wednesday, November 9, 2022 By: Glenn Huxtable

Our amazing leader, Bill Harms, served alongside a phenomenal team of Rotarians cooking pancakes for Adams Middle School.

They cooked up an estimated 2,000+ pancakes that were enjoyed by all!                     



Sunday, October 30, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Finally, we all get together for a fun social evening.


Brentwood City Council delivers Proclamation

Sunday, October 30, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Mayor Joel Bryant delivers a proclamation from the Brentwood City Council


5160 District Conference in Monterey

Sunday, October 30, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson


Elvin achieves his Blue

Friday, October 28, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Extreme Pizza Delivery

Friday, October 28, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson


Friday, October 28, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
Vincent McCoy, Director of the East Bay Small Business Development Center. You can see his LinkedIn profile by clicking here. His presentation will introduce East Bay SBDC and focus on programs and support that are available to start and/or grow a business.

Happy Birthday

Friday, October 28, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Village Resource Center

Thursday, October 27, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Another successful volunteer day helping Village Community Resource Center with delivery and assembly of much needed supplies for the students they serve. Stay tuned for the big reveal 


Shadow Lakes Clean Up

Thursday, October 27, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
The Community and Rotary came together to Cleanup Shadow Lakes.  Special thanks to Oscar for encouraging Interact to attend. They were there in the majority.


Marsh Creek Clean Up

Thursday, October 27, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
Great turnout with 100 team players attending the Marsh Creek Cleanup on Saturday morning!

Rotary Means Business

Thursday, October 27, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson


Dictionary distribution

Wednesday, October 26, 2022 By: Colleen M. Knight

Erin Chivello and Colleen Knight visited Timber Point Elementary in Discovery Bay on Wednesday, October 26  to deliver dictionaries to approximately 70 eager third graders.  We asked them to look up “effort" and then “school".  It was amazing to see how anxious they were to share what they found and use the words in a sentence.  We are sure they will be using them a lot for the short term to find words they know and don’t know.  

The reason that school was chosen by the duo  is that three of Colleen’s four grandchildren attended there several years ago - and Erin’s two nieces and nephew (yes…all the same family as most of you know). The biggest takeaway….God Bless Elementary School Teachers!!


Club Sings Happy Birthday to Bruce

Tuesday, October 25, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
Click here to watch the Birthday being delivered in song 

Beer Festival

Sunday, October 23, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

We raised $25,713.78!  

Great job Ron and team.

Take a video tour of the event here!

Click on more information to see the link to Videos

Professional Video


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Dana & Eric Update on the schools

Sunday, October 23, 2022 By: Peggy Ann Valley
Dana Eaton, Superintendent of Brentwood School District and Eric Volta, Superintendant of Liberty School District, updated the Rotary Club of Brentwood on the demographics of the school districts. The pluses and minuses resulting from  the Pandemic.  They are hiring teachers!

We are blessed to have educators who care!


John Marsh Presentation

Sunday, October 23, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Bob Jones and Barry Margesson introduce John Marsh

Below is taken from Wikipedia

John Marsh (June 5, 1799 – September 24, 1856), later known in Spanish as Don Juan Marsh, was a physician, ranchero, and linguist in California when it was still part of the Republic of Mexico. Born in Massachusetts, Marsh immigrated to California in 1836, where he became a Mexican citizen. He was baptized as a Roman Catholic in order to buy land, and acquired the vast land grant of Rancho Los Méganos in Contra Costa. He became one of the wealthiest ranchers in California, and was among the highly influential men who worked to gain United States statehood after Mexico ceded this area following its defeat in the Mexican-American War.
Marsh knew Hebrew, Latin and Greek, and, while working as a US Indian agent at Fort Snelling, was the first person to compile a dictionary of the Siouan language.[5][6] He is the namesake of Marsh Creek and Marsh Creek State Park in Contra Costa County. The John Marsh Historic Trust was organized to protect his legacy.

Early life

Born in Danvers, Massachusetts in 1799, Marsh graduated from the private Phillips Academy in Andover in 1819. He attended Harvard College from 1819 to 1823 and received a bachelor's degree. Colbruno writes that Marsh was dismissed from Harvard for participating in a student uprising. He was readmitted in 1821, after promising not to engage in any further disturbances. He originally planned to study for the ministry, but changed his major to medicine after his readmission. He studied medicine with a Boston doctor.
Marsh migrated west, living in the Michigan Territory, where he opened a school, the first in what is now Minnesota. Marsh was appointed by the federal government as a United States Indian agent for the Sioux Agency at Fort Snelling,  At Fort Snelling, Marsh took a Lakota/French mistress named Marguerite Decouteaux; they had a son Charles together. Territorial Governor Lewis Cass appointed Marsh as Justice of the Peace in Crawford County (which included what is now southern Wisconsin, northern Illinois, and portions of Iowa and Minnesota), whereupon he became known as "Judge Marsh."
While at Fort Snelling, Marsh resumed his study of medicine, with the post doctor, Dr. Purcell. Because Purcell died before Marsh completed his studies, he never received a certificate.[8] Marsh lived for a time in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, where he got involved in the Black Hawk War between the United States and a group of SaukMeskwaki (Fox), and Kickapoo, known as the "British Band". As the Sioux supported the US against their old rivals, Marsh was blamed for a Sioux massacre of Fox and Sauk warriors.
As a result, he fled the area, taking Decouteaux and their son with him and settling in New Salem, Illinois. Leaving the pair there, he returned to Prairie du Chien. Decouteaux was pregnant again and pining for Marsh,; she tried to walk the several hundred miles to rejoin him. The journey exhausted her, and she and their second child died in childbirth. Marsh placed his young son, Charles, to be raised with a family named Painter in New Salem.
He again became involved in Indian affairs. He was discovered selling guns illegally to some of the Indians and had to flee the territory, this time settling in Independence, Missouri, where he became a merchant. Marsh visited his son again before his business failed, and in 1836 he emigrated, as an employee of the American Fur Company, to Santa Fe, New Mexico. He proceeded to Southern California via the Santa Fe Trail. Both areas were part of the Republic of Mexico, which had gained independence from Spain in 1821.

Life in California

In southern California, Marsh claimed he was the only person who had any knowledge of Western (or European-style) medicine. He presented his Harvard degree to the local Mexican government of Alta California. The degree was written in Latin, which none of the local authorities could read. They took his word and granted him permission to practice medicine. Marsh was quite successful in his new profession, but his prices were very high. He sometimes charged as much as a head of cattle to deliver a baby. He is credited as being the first person to practice medicine in California.
He was often paid in the currency of the day: cowhides and tallow. Marsh joked that his adobe looked more like a warehouse than the offices of a physician. In 1836, he sold his accumulated inventory to a Boston trader for $500 and rode to Northern California seeking a ranch to purchase. Since Mexico allowed only Catholics to own land in California, he became baptized as a Roman Catholic.
In 1837, Marsh purchased the 17,000-acre Rancho Los Méganos, a land grant, from prominent Californio ranchero José Noriega on what is now called Marsh Creek. This was east of what is now Clayton, California and on the western edge of the present-day city of Brentwood. (His acquisition of the rancho indicates that Marsh had become a naturalized Mexican citizen). The price he paid for the rancho was $500 (all of his savings). He became the first known non-Hispanic white settler in what is now Contra Costa County.
Marsh prospered there, both as a rancher and as a doctor. He continued to invest by purchasing more land near his original rancho. Before his death, he claimed that his rancho contained about 40,000 acres of land. In practicing medicine, he again charged very high prices, generally in relation to how far he had to travel to see the patient (which often meant being away from his ranch for days or weeks). There is some evidence that during this period, he cared for some of the survivors of the Donner Party.
Marsh acquired tens of thousands of head of cattle for his rancho and lived the life of a wealthy ranchero. He was known to pay very low wages to his workers, and many were said to hate him. In 1841, when the first American emigrant party, the Bartleson-Bidwell Party, reached California from Missouri, Marsh invited them to be his guests. The California Trail thus terminated in Brentwood.
After entertaining members of the Bartleson-Bidwell Party, Marsh was said to invite them to slaughter one of his steers for breakfast the next morning. The next day, however, he found that the party had also slaughtered his best work oxen, which comprised a highly valuable commodity and were critical to ranch operations. Although it was likely a mistake, Marsh was angry and bitter toward the party. Later there were further disagreements between them. John Bidwell reportedly said that "John Marsh is the meanest man I ever met." Among the Bartleson-Bidwell Party was Nancy Kelsey, known as the first woman to cross the Sierras to reach California. She later became known as the "Betsy Ross of California" after she created the state's first flag.
As early as 1837, Marsh worried about being able to retain ownership of the great rancho. Americans and some other foreigners considered the Mexican courts in California to be corrupt and unpredictable in their rulings on such cases. In addition, there was evidence of competition by the Russians, French and English, who were independently preparing to seize the province. Marsh was determined to have the territory become part of the United States to protect his holdings. He felt the best method to achieve that was to encourage emigration by Americans to California, and in this way repeat the history of Texas as a takeover by more numerous Americans.
Marsh conducted a letter-writing campaign espousing the California climate, soil and other reasons to settle there, as well as the best route to follow, which became known as "Marsh's route." His letters were read, reread, passed around, and printed in newspapers throughout the country, and stimulated the first significant migration to California.  Marsh invited immigrants to stay on his ranch until they could get settled, and assisted in their obtaining passports.
After ushering in the period of organized emigration to California, Marsh helped take California from the last Mexican governor, thereby paving the way to California's ultimate acquisition by the United States.
Marsh worked behind the scenes to promote American statehood, at the urging of U.S. consul Thomas O. Larkin. In March 1845 he wrote a letter signed by himself and 23 other expatriates, announcing a clandestine meeting for the Fourth of July. This letter has been designated by modern historians as the "Call To Foreigners". While Marsh did not take credit as the author, historians agree that it is his work. The meeting's purpose was to, "promote the union and harmony and best interests of all the foreigners resident in California..." Marsh also participated in the Battle of Providencia (also known as the Second Battle of Cahuenga Pass), and managed to persuade Americans on both sides that it was foolish to fight one another. As a result of Marsh's urging, these soldiers united, which resulted in the defeat of unpopular Governor Manuel Micheltorena's forces. Micheltorena was deported to Mexico and replaced by native-born Californian Pio Pico.
During this period Marsh began a search to reunite with his son, Charles, but was unable to find him. In 1851, the Reverend William W. Smith introduced Marsh to Abigail "Abby" Smith Tuck, a schoolteacher from New England, who served as principal at a girls school in San Jose. After a brief two-week courtship, they married on June 24, 1851. Soon after the wedding, the couple moved into the old adobe. On 12 March 1852, she gave birth to a daughter they named Alice Frances.

John Marsh House

John Marsh house (ca 1870). 

Marsh soon began construction of a mansion built entirely of stone quarried from the nearby hills. Abby chose to site the house next to Marsh Creek, with a fine view of the surrounding valley and Mount Diablo.  The present city of Brentwood, California developed north of here. Designed by San Francisco architect Thomas Boyd, the 7,000 square feet (650 m2) Gothic-Revival style home incorporated a 65 feet (20 m) tower and exterior porch supported by octagonal pillars. The entire cost of the home did not exceed $20,000. Abby died in 1855, before the Stone House was completed. Marsh moved into the new house about three weeks before he was murdered.
His son and daughter inherited the ranch and stone house, in which they continued to live. They apparently let the property fall into disrepair and decay, and eventually became renters. They were visited in May 1862 by William Henry Brewer and the California Geological Survey.
The mansion still stands as part of the Marsh Creek State Park, formerly known as Cowell Ranch/John Marsh Property State Historic Park. The state has supported applying for status for the property as a National Historic Monument. The park includes 3,659 acres (1,481 ha) of natural habitat. The mansion is on the list of National Register of Historic Places.
The Cowell Foundation (founded by industrialist S. H. Cowell) donated the house and surrounding property to the county in 1960, with the condition that the house would be restored. it is now part of Marsh Creek State Park, which is not open to the public. The house has been not been restored, and awaits funding for this project.


Plaque marking the site of his murder

Marsh was active in California politics. On September 24, 1856, he began a journey from his land in eastern Contra Costa County to San Francisco for a personal or political appointment. On the road between Pacheco and Martinez, he was ambushed and murdered by three of his vaquero employees over a dispute about their wages. Initially the three men escaped. Two of the killers were found ten years later and brought to trial. One man turned state's evidence and was released without trial. The other was convicted and sentenced to life in prison, though he was pardoned 25 years later. The third man was never caught. California Historical Landmark (#722) plaque marks the site of the murder.
Both Abigail and John Marsh are buried in Mountain View Cemetery, in Oakland, California.

Additional information here!


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911 and recognition to first responders

Sunday, October 23, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
Paying tribute to those "First Responders" who have come to our aid unconditionally to help and preserve our lives and safety.   Every year on September 11th we visit the Police and Fire Service, donating lunch in recognition of their service.

Recognizing Rotarians of the Quarter

Sunday, October 23, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

King Charlies III wearing his Rotary Pin

Sunday, October 23, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

World Polio Day 2022 and Beyond

Sunday, October 23, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
Before we close the month, we wanted to remind everyone that Oct. 24th was World Polio Day.
In 1988 the World Health Organization and partners started working to eradicate polio once and for all. Rotary has made it a mission to join these endeavors.

Our club has donated $12,500 to the Polio Fund and are doing our best to help eradicate polio globally. We want to do our part and hope you join us in being the change we want to see in our community and beyond.

Polio Plus Society Members 

Aguilar, Raul Jr.
Amthor, Michael
Avon, Lori
Beadle, Bruce
Beshears, Sukari
Bowman, Fran
Brandt, Rob
Brown, Brian A
Brown, Marsha Ed.D.
Canata, Nick J.
Chivello, Erin
Crosby, Michael W
Dahl, Tim
Dalton, Christina Grace
Deck, Julie
Eaton, Dana
Enos, Jason
Fippin, Seana
Fletcher, Jason Daniel
Gale, Darin
Gaughan, Jack
Ghiselli, Bruce Charles
Giacomini, Donald E.
Gursky, Stephen A.
Helmick, Brian
Huxtable, Glenn
Inglis, Richard
Jesson, Nigel Andrew
Knight, Colleen M.
Leardini, Lou
Martinez, Adam
McLaughlin, Jay C
Mills, Paul
Moeller, Todd
Moore, Cedric
Nardone, Joseph
Oertwig, Jayne
Ogden, Tim
Olson, Wesley
Palmer, Richard
Peccorini, Oscar
Reiser, Karri
Robinson, Gregory Paul
Roche, David S.
Santamorena, Thomas L.
Schneider, Michael John
Soiland, Eric B
Strauss, Roger M
Taunk, Kiran
Uadiale, Enojare
Valley, Peggy Ann
Vidriales, Olga B
Walker, Steve
Wall, Kathleen M.
Wangeman, James R
Wulff, Ron E
Zeigler, Dirk M

Darin Gale speaks to the Club about measure Q

Sunday, October 23, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Darin speaks to the Club about a new initiative on the ballot.

Voter-Protected Open Space Overlay Ballot Measure

At the July 26, 2022 council meeting, the Brentwood City Council adopted a resolution to place a “Voter-Protected Open Space Overlay Ballot Measure” on the November 2022 General election.  The ballot measure was assigned the letter Q by Contra Costa Elections office and will be known as Measure Q on the November 2022 General Election.  This is not a political website and will only provide factual information regarding the measure.

Want more information? Click here!

Patrick McHenry

Sunday, October 23, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

It is with the heaviest of hearts to announce, our friend and fellow Rotarian, Mr. Patrick McHenry, passed away on Thursday, October 13, at the age of 84.

Pat joined the Rotary Club of Brentwood in 1968. At 54 years of membership, he holds the record for the LONGEST Rotarian in our club. ?? ??
Mr. McHenry was the second owner of Brentwood Funeral Home. In his earlier years, he worked as the home’s Director along with serving in the Army National Guard. It was there that Pat’s fellow guards came up with the nick name of “Digger,” and from then on out that name stuck… and is even identified on Pat’s email address.

Working Wonders Help with Setting Up the Beer Festival

Sunday, October 23, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Extra Helping Hands at the Beer Festival

Working Wonders , thankful for the opportunity to volunteer and work on this special project with the Rotary Club of Brentwood,  Thank you to our wonderful clients who (again) went over and above expectations.  So kind to show up on Saturday morning to help.

Follow the link below to learn more:

Working Wonders Helps out!

The Start of a Busy Day with Hot Dogs

Friday, September 23, 2022 By: Peggy Ann Valley
September 23 was the start of the busiest weekend of the Rotary year 2022/23. Club members had many options to choose from, including cooking hot dogs to clean-up to a golf tournament to the Rotary Home Team. The Brentwood Rotary Club came out in full support of the needs of the Community Service needs. We are so grateful.

Friday started off with cooking hot dogs for the Independence High Back To School. The school was enjoying western days and even though there were more than initially expected everyone got their fill and the school was very appreciative of our efforts. 

Thanks to Jayne, Suzanne, Steve W., Eric V, and Joey for all of your efforts. Joey was a huge help this weekend as he was the chauffeur of the BBQ from Independence to Krey back into storage. 

Who Doesn't Have a Fun Time at a Carnival

Friday, September 23, 2022 By: Peggy Ann Valley
Krey Elementary Carnival was the Community Service's biggest challenge year to date. Over 1200 hot dogs to feed a busy throng of kids and parents. Apparently, the numbers swelled from 1200 to around 3000. Who knew! We just kept cooking until all of the dogs were in the chafing dishes for distribution.

The team of Rotarians soldiered on for 3 hours of non-stop cooking of dogs. The operation went smooth as silk. We even helped with the distribution, as the Krey Committee didn't have enough volunteers for the crowd. Our help was gratefully received. At the end of the evening, all of the 6 Rotarians had fun and enjoyed the nice cool evening with a high five for our success. Can't wait until next year. 

The crowd was a continuous shot out of "thank you" for our efforts. It is so nice to be appreciated. 

Below is a photo of the aerialist as the event started.

Visit to Los Medanos College

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

The venue changed for the club on this Monday lunchtime when we all met at, the Los Medanos College, where we were given the grand tour.

Click here for Fast Facts


Rotary Means Busines

Monday, September 5, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Greg Robinson gave us a quick introduction to his business, which is the local newspaper for Brentwood and the surrounding cities.  Click here to view the on-line version.

Greg encouraged the club membership to take advantage of the calendar, it's free to list public events and they get 120,000 people a month to visit the website.

New Website Coming Soon

Monday, November 21, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Please check out the new website Michael DeWilde has been working on!

Click here

Joe Montana Shirt

Monday, October 31, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Hi Jessice,

You are amazing!  

You are now the proud owner of a Joe Montana signed jersey!  (It will be on its' way to you shortly.)

Your generous contribution to End Polio will also place you in the Paul Harris Society.

Matched with the Gates Foundation, you will  be saving more than 1500 children in the world from polio.

Thank you!!!!

Mike Crosby
District 5160 PolioPlus Chair

Vineyard Academy

Monday, October 31, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
More dictionaries were distributed! 

Rotary Means Business

Friday, November 4, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Click here to Kerri's website

Little Owl Design.  Has been in business for seven years.  The company provides graphics and website design. Kerri said her goal is to get your name in front of your ideal client and customer and she loves what she does.

Discovery Bay Elementary Dictionary

Wednesday, November 9, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
David Roche, Jayne Oertwig and Christine Canales distribute some dictionaries to the students of Discovery Bay Elementary

Community Regional Fund

Thursday, November 10, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Lill Pierce and Dana Eaton present an outline of the structure and purpose of the "Brentwood Regional Community Chest (BRCC)"
The Brentwood Regional Community Chest (BRCC) is a vital organization that has been serving families in Brentwood, Byron, Discovery Bay, Knightsen, Oakley and Bethel Island for over 50 years. Founded by Lill Pierce's mother in 1968, the BRCC has helped over 20,000 families in the area. Each year, the BRCC serves nearly 550 families, providing Christmas gifts and meals, as well as emergency assistance throughout the year. Lill has been an integral part of the BRCC's success and is proud of the organization's mission to support its own community. The BRCC is run by a dedicated group of individuals who work hard to make a positive impact in their community.

Thank you both for all the work you do supporting the local community!

Highlights from the event itself:

Watch video here

Brentwood Rotary Provides a Hot Pancake Breakfast

Click here for post event news follow-up

Rotary Means Business

Thursday, November 10, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

David Roche

  • Senior Financial Advisor
  • Branch Manager
  • Principal
When Apex Securities & Asset Management was founded in 2009 with my business partner Treva Black, we wanted to establish a professional first-class investment practice that was not only in Brentwood but part of Brentwood.  Celebrating 33 years in the investment industry and currently managing more than $250 million (as of 12/31/21) for individuals, families and small businesses.  One of the greatest rewards of this business is being able to positively impact the lives of my clients at whatever point in their life that they may be whether it’s a parent or grandparent setting up a college funding account or someone beginning their journey toward retirement.  I particularly enjoy helping clients build, maintain and thrive off of their retirement accounts.  If there is an attribute that I am most proud of, it’s the ability to break down a complex issue, making it simple and understandable for my clients.

After graduating from the University of the Pacific with a Bachelor's degree in 1988, I began my career as a Financial Advisor as part of Paine Webber Group (now UBS) and in 1993 continued my financial services career with Dean Witter Reynolds (now Morgan Stanley).  In 2009 Apex Securities & Asset Management, LLC was formed and the rest is history.

I have always agreed with the adage that “…to whom much is given, much is expected” and I have been very blessed to be able to work in Brentwood.  I am an active member of the Brentwood Rotary Club for 29 years, have served as their club President and was honored as Rotarian of the year in 1998.  I'm extremely supportive of youth sports, having coached CYO Basketball, EDYSL Soccer, PONY Baseball and Liberty High School freshman football.  I’ve served on the board of St. Francis and Holy Rosary schools.  I support local agriculture and am currently a board member of the Contra Costa County Farm Bureau.

Having a lifelong service to others, modeled to me at an early age, I and my wife, Veronica, have instilled these values to our three kids who have been regulars at the annual Community Food Basket event held in December each year assisting the Rotary Club with their pancake breakfast.

I am proud of the support that Apex Securities has given to the “Some Gave All Foundation”, Patriot Flyers, the Village Resource Center, “One Day at a Time” as well as numerous Chamber of Commerce-sponsored events.

My greatest joy is spending time with my wife, Veronica, and our three children.

I welcome those who may want an unbiased review of their current portfolios or perhaps just want to move their investments a little closer to home.  I look forward to speaking with you.

Pioneer School get their Dictionaries

Friday, November 11, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
160 dictionaries to kids in 6 classrooms at Pioneer School 


Home Team’s Helping Hands Lifting Spirits

Saturday, November 19, 2022 By: Glenn Huxtable
The Brentwood Rotary Home Team was back out helping our local residents on November 19th.  Several teams of Rotarians headed out to lend a helping hand, especially if that hand needed to be high off the ground or dealing with trickier/heavier items.  The team I was on included Helen Howlett & Brian Brown and we were given 2 homeowners to assist. 

The first was a very nice lady in Trilogy who had a list of about 7-8 things she hoped we could help with,  more than the typical number of items requested.  We dove in and in less than an hour, we completed all but one.  We repaired & replaced chandelier light bulbs, got her outdoor lights timer working properly, rehung a towel holder, tightened & stabilized an outdoor umbrella stand, fixed an indoor lamp and removed a burnt out front porch light bulb.  The bulb was a unique style that she did not have a spare of, so we could not replace it at the time. 

I told her if she got the bulb, she could call me and I’d come back and install it.  About a week later, she did call and I installed it.  She shared with me that she was so thankful for our visit & help, telling me how much more she’s enjoying her home which lifted her spirits. She wants to help us help others, making a $100 donation to our club. 

The second was a nice couple, and many pets (see one in the picture). They needed a ceiling light bulb replaced and wanted to take down, clean & put back up some Christmas décor on top of their entertainment center.  This was a quick visit that was very appreciated by the couple. 

If you know of someone who the Brentwood Rotary Home Team can assist with some simple tasks that we can complete for them more safely than they can do for themselves, please let Adam Martinez know and he’ll get them on the calendar for an upcoming Home Team date.

Here are a couple of pictures provided by another team of our Rotarians (Steve, Jayne & Colleen) out at a home they worked on.


Turkey Trot

Monday, November 28, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Brentwood, CA – On Thanksgiving Day, hundreds of students and community members gathered at the annual Turkey Trot which started in "The Streets of Brentwood". The event, which has become a tradition in Brentwood, allows participants to work up an appetite before indulging in their Thanksgiving feasts.

The route took runners and walkers through some of the scenic areas of Brentwood, with many participants sporting festive Thanksgiving-themed attire. At the finish line, participants were treated to post-race snacks, including "The Rotary Pancakes" made fresh by our attending club members.

Overall, the Turkey Trot was a success, with many participants already looking forward to next year’s event. It is a wonderful way for the community to come together and start the holiday season off on a healthy and active note.


Rotary Thanksgiving

Monday, November 28, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
As many of us sat down on Thanksgiving to enjoy a turkey dinner with friends and family, we as Rotarians should take a few moments to reflect. There are lonely people without a roof over their head, a hot meal on their table or a warm shower.  We are thankful for the opportunity to serve and represent our professions. We know of many causes, many opportunities to volunteer and we know that members in our Rotary Club have made a huge impact in our local & international communities.

We as Rotarians should be thankful that…..
The Eradication of Polio in the world is almost completed.
We as Rotarians should be thankful that…..
We support literacy. We invest in young people. We are involved in Interact and Rotaract. 
We as Rotarians should be thankful that…..
We have the opportunity to meet each week, hear a speaker, network and enjoy the fellowship of Rotarians. We have many riches to share with each other.
We as Rotarians should be thankful that…..
We have the ability to raise the funds needed and the time and ability to support programs that make a difference in the lives of children & families in our local & international communities.
We as Rotarians should be thankful that…..
We can achieve our motto each day:  “Service Above Self”

We are thankful for our dedicated and committed Rotary members helping create positive change around the world. Take a moment during this holiday season to enjoy the contributions that Rotarians like you make in the world.


Saint Vincent De Paul

Monday, November 28, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Past District Governor Mark Roberts, Joanne Hodge and Claudia Ramirez, executive director of St Vincent de Paul bring information to the Rotary Club of Brentwood about what Rotocare and St Vincent de Paul do to help those in need from Monterey to San Rafael to Contra Costa. Rotocare helps those that can’t afford medical or dental insurance. Go to or to donate, volunteer or help. 

Oasis Daytime Homeless Shelter

Families often have no place to go after they leave nighttime shelters. Wandering the streets before nighttime shelters open their doors can be dangerous and difficult, especially for families with young children. The Winter Nights Program is a volunteer effort of the Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County.  Recognizing a growing need for respite during the day, St. Vincent de Paul, in partnership with Winter Nights, provides a daytime shelter for homeless families seeking refuge from the streets & the elements.

The shelter is known as the Oasis—it provides a shower, educational toys and access to computers. The shelter provides a welcoming, warm and safe environment. Shelter guests are able to utilize a telephone/computer for communication with their physicians, case managers and teachers, and it provides a hub from which they might conduct a job search.

Food Pantry

St. Vincent de Paul partners with the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano to provide one-time emergency food to individuals and families in need Monday through Friday.

We provide emergency food to about 2,800 individuals, 800 households per year.

People in need of emergency food can come to our Pittsburg Family Resource Center for one-time assistance on weekdays at the following times ONLY:
Open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Closed Saturday and Sunday.

Requirements for emergency food assistance:
– Current ID showing residence in East Contra Costa County*
– For families of 6+, please bring medical cards of each family member.
– Food pick-up is once every month per person.
– Every first and third Wednesday of the month at 11:00 am, the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano County distributes food from the Food Bank vans in the SVdP Parking lot. Please contact the Food Bank to learn more.
To find other sources of food in Contra Costa County visit the Food Bank’s website:

* If you live outside East Contra Costa County, please contact your local food bank for information on emergency assistance.

Get Involved

• Donate Now
• Volunteer
• Join Our Mailing List

Thrift Store Hours

Pittsburg Store
     Address: 2210 Gladstone Drive, Pittsburg, CA
     Store Hours: Monday-Saturday: 9:00 am-5:00 pm

Pleasant Hill Store
     Address: 2815 Contra Costa Boulevard, Pleasant Hill, CA
     Store Hours: 7 days a week:  10:00 am-6:00 pm

SVdP Brentwood Help & Hope Thrift Center
     Address: 8890 Brentwood Blvd, Brentwood, CA
     Store Hours: 7 days a week: 10:00am-6:00pm

Workforce Development

The Workforce Development Program at St. Vincent de Paul provides training and work experience for those who are new to or have been out of the workforce. The goal of our program is to help participants with barriers to employment find long-term, satisfactory work at a decent wage upon the conclusion of the 24-week SVdP WFD Program.
To be eligible, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Have access to reliable transportation

  • Live in a stable environment with access to adequate hygiene facilities

  • Adequate, reliable childcare

  • High school diploma, GED or higher (SVdP may waive this requirement if the candidate demonstrates proficiency or is in the process of completing this requirement)

  • Completed or will attend a basic computer course or can demonstrate equivalent experience

  • Attend mandatory pre-selection workshops

Selected participants may interview for the 24-week on-the-job training component consisting of paid, part-time on-the-job training at St. Vincent de Paul.  Participants are matched with mentors and take weekly classes to continue developing skills necessary for finding and keeping employment.  We select a new class of participants every six months.

The Dentists on Wheels Pittsburg Free Dental Clinic at St. Vincent de Paul

The Dentists on Wheels Pittsburg Free Dental Clinic at St. Vincent de Paul opened in September 2021 – offering free dental care for Contra Costa residents without dental insurance. A collaboration between Dentists on Wheels (DOW) and St. Vincent de Paul of Contra Costa County (SVdP), the free dental clinic, addresses the problem of dental pain and suffering experienced by residents in Contra Costa County who have no dental insurance. The 3-chair free dental clinic treats patients and helps people in need in the county to resolve their dental pain. All the dental equipment and furnishings have been donated to the free clinic. Shab Farzaneh, founder of Dentists on Wheels, saw a community need and was moved to provide a solution.

The clinic, staffed by volunteer dentists, can treat most patients’ needs, from screenings, cleanings and check-ups to fillings, crowns, extractions and dentures. For many patients, there is a direct link between poverty and a lack of dental insurance and receiving dental care would typically be out of reach for low-income residents. Tooth pain and other dental issues can cause a massive drop in quality of life for those suffering. A broadening problem in low-income communities is using extraction to solve tooth pain, an inexpensive means of addressing the pain. This can create many long-term issues that profoundly impact the patient’s quality of life. By providing free, accessible preventative care and restorative procedures, the free dental clinic will reduce the number of extractions in Contra Costa County and keep the county smiling.

About Dentists on Wheels
DOW was founded to address the growing problem of dental issues in impoverished communities in and around Contra Costa and Alameda Counties. DOW provides dental hygienists, dental assistants, dentists, dental specialists and various stakeholders with the opportunity to assist in providing accessible dental care to underserved communities. DOW recognizes that multiple barriers can exist, preventing a patient from seeking dental care. DOW is committed to breaking down barriers for patients without financial means, with dental phobias or religious concerns such that the population currently defined as vulnerable, and underserved can find quality dental services at DOW.

RotaCare Clinic

St. Vincent de Paul’s Wellness Program addresses major health disparities in Contra Costa County by working to keep healthy and heal the most vulnerable and underprivileged in our community with dignity and respect.

Our Mission:  To bring free medical care to relieve pain and suffering to those with the most need and the least access to medical care.

St. Vincent de Paul of Contra Costa County works in partnership with RotaCare Bay Area, Inc. and more than 10 Rotary Clubs in the Bay Area to provide quality medical care to uninsured adults with acute or chronic medical conditions at no cost to the patient. We have provided medical services to approximately 12,000 uninsured patients since opening in 2011.  In addition to the physician and nursing care provided on-site, our clinic also provides diabetes management.

The RotaCare Pittsburg Free Medical Clinic at St. Vincent de Paul provides our patients with comprehensive assistance. With more than 86 percent of patients living at or below the federal poverty level, we try to connect patients in need with resources in the community.

With fully volunteer medical and non-medical assistance from physicians, nurses, translators, social workers, and other professionals, the clinic relies heavily on financial support from the community. We invite you to support our mission to serve our neighbors needing urgent medical care with a tax-deductible donation. All you need to do is indicate that your donation is for “Health and Wellness.” We appreciate your support!

The RotaCare Pittsburg Free Medical Clinic at St. Vincent de Paul actively recruits volunteer physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, medical assistants, LVN, EMT, dieticians, translators and non-medical volunteers. Medical malpractice is provided by RotaCare Bay Area, Inc. Volunteers are invited to provide services on Wednesdays from 4:00 pm-8:00 pm.

Dining Room

St. Vincent de Paul partners with Loaves & Fishes of Contra Costa County to provide a free, hot, nutritious meal 7 days per week from 11:00 AM – 12:45 PM at our Family Resource Center in Pittsburg.

Our dining room provides about 40,000 meals annually, serving an average of 180-200 meals daily, with a significant increase in meals served towards the end of the month. Our donors provide critical support to help us remain financially flexible enough to welcome more guests at the end of the month, when government assistance is exhausted and more people find themselves in need of hot meals.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a network of charity organizations in 150 countries with over 900,000 members. St. Vincent de Paul of Contra Costa County (SVdP CC) was founded in 1964. Our many programs provide food, clothing, shelter, rental assistance, medical services, employment and workforce development to our neighbors in Contra Costa County. SVdP is a 501(c)3 organization.

Rotary Means Business

Wednesday, November 30, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson


“Our goal is for you to be so confident in our ability to deliver your product that you can devote your energy towards the core aspect of your business”

John Dedola, Founder

John Dedola founded our company in 1976. Pioneering the industry, he established one of the first companies to operate as an NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier). Mr. Dedola’s extensive background in international retail gave him insight into the needs of importers and exporters. It was from this perspective that Dedola Global Logistics was born. Rather than simply moving freight, the company provided dedicated customer support and a broad range of services to add strength in the customers’ supply chain.

Dedola Global Logistics quickly became a leader in the international transportation industry. As containerized shipping grew, so did our global coverage and service offerings. We continued driving innovation by leveraging new technologies. As a result, we introduced one of the industry’s first online tracking systems.

Marc and Stephen Dedola continue their father’s legacy by serving as CEO and COO. This continuity has allowed us to grow in size and scope without forgetting our founding principles.

Click here to learn more about global Shipping

Wouldn't you like to have a professional help you when the ship looses your freight!


Rotary Means Business

Wednesday, November 30, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Sealed with Integrity, Mobile Notary & Live Scan Services

As a public servant, I am committed to serving the community I live in by providing professional services as a Notary Public and Live Scan Operator. I pledge to act as an impartial witness to deter fraudulent activity when signing important legal documents and transmitting your records securely to the Department of Justice. At Sealed with Integrity, your convenience and privacy is my priority. I strive to meet at a time and location that is convenient for you.

-Sealed with Integrity-

Click here to view my website and schedule an appointment

Shout Out to S.H.A.R.E. for winning an Award!

Sunday, December 4, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Founded and operated by Ricka Davis-Sheard, S.H.A.R.E. Community brings mobile showers and toilets to the street to help their unhoused neighbors rekindle self-confidence, restore hope, and unlock opportunities that come along with being clean. Their mission is to share hope, abundance, resources and encouragement with members of the community and the organizations who serve them by creating ways for people to work together toward positive change. 

Screen Shot 2022-11-13 at 7.53.25 PM.png

On Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8 am and 1 pm, Ricka and the volunteers greet their community with warm smiles and open arms as they are checked in and scheduled a time for a 15-minute shower. All guests are provided with hygiene products, and through their partnership with White Pony Express, they also receive new socks and undergarments, clean clothing, and shoes (if available). Additionally, each guest receives breakfast. The mobile shower unit is thoroughly cleaned between each guest and they can typically provide 25 hot showers per day. To date, they have provided over 2,000 showers!

S.H.A.R.E. Community also partners with Contra Costa County H3 Medical Team and HealthRIGHT 360 to provide medical services and prescriptions, relapse prevention and mental health courses. Their strategic partnerships are key in fulfilling their mission to work together towards positive change. 

Thank you, S.H.A.R.E. Community for the incredible work you are doing with love and compassion.

To learn more about or donate to S.H.A.R.E. Community, please click here.

Happy Halloween

Sunday, December 4, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

On Monday 31st October, 2022, the Brentwood Rotary Club meets as usual, or was it?

The Brentwood Rotary Club recently held a Halloween Lunch at their weekly meeting. It just happened to fall on Halloween Day and it was a spook-tacular success!  Members and guests arrived dressed in their finest Halloween costumes, ready to enjoy a delicious lunch and some festive fun. The room was decorated with photo props to capture the moment.  After everyone had a chance to mingle and show off their costumes, lunch began.

One of the highlights was a costume contest, where members voted for their favorite costumes. The winners took home some spooktacular prizes.  Overall, the Halloween Lunch at the Brentwood Rotary Club was a ghoulishly good time and a great way for members and guests to celebrate the holiday together.  We can't wait to see what the club has planned for future holiday gatherings!

Let's take a closer look!


Adam Martinez receives his first PHF

Sunday, December 4, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
The Paul Harris Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the ideals of Rotary International, a global network of volunteer service organizations. The foundation was established in 1957 by Paul Harris, the founder of Rotary, and is named in his honor.
One of the key initiatives of the Paul Harris Foundation is the Paul Harris Fellow recognition program, which honors individuals who have made significant contributions to their communities through their service and charitable work. The foundation also provides grants to support a wide range of projects and initiatives, including disaster relief efforts, educational programs, and health care initiatives.
In recent years, the Paul Harris Foundation has been involved in a number of high-profile projects and initiatives around the world. For example, the foundation has supported efforts to provide clean drinking water and sanitation facilities in developing countries, as well as initiatives to promote peace and understanding between different cultural and ethnic groups.
The foundation has also been recognized for its commitment to transparency and accountability, with a strong focus on ensuring that donated funds are used effectively and efficiently to make a real difference in the lives of those in need.
Overall, the Paul Harris Foundation is a respected and influential organization that is dedicated to making a positive impact on communities around the world through its philanthropic efforts. So, it is a great organization to work with and support.

Congratulations Adam, you're now a member of the PHF Club!

Special Holiday Treat – the Liberty High Carolers perform

Monday, December 19, 2022 By: Glenn Huxtable
At our final club meeting of 2022, we enjoyed wonderful holiday carols performed by the always excellent Liberty High Carolers.  They regaled us with 12 songs, each a unique treat.  Unbeknownst to me, when I picked my seat in the alternate meeting room, I was in the best seat to watch the stylishly attired carolers sing. In the middle of the 1st song, I started recording and if you’d like to relive (or watch for the first time) some of the songs, click your song choice here...

God Rest You Merry Gentlemen
Jingle Bells
Deck The Halls and We Wish You a Merry Christmas and Dan's Thank You!

Like many members, I’ve seen them perform multiple times and it’s always fun.  One of their traditions is that their last song is normally “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and they exit the room while singing it, a fun way to wrap up their performance.  However, this year their exit path was blocked because of an event going on in our normal meeting room.  Their teacher did not want to disrupt the other event.  This was a last-minute curveball the singers were not aware of.  After the first singers turned & started to walk out, only to be blocked, they returned to their original spots to complete the song never missing a beat.  They rolled with it like the true professionals they are.  This also allowed President Dan to thank them personally for sharing their talents with us.

Placemats Opportunity to Advertise your business every week

Monday, December 26, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
Greetings and an early Happy New Year.

It's time for the semi-annual redo of our weekly club placemats.

These full color placements will have a new issue for our first meeting in January - and will remain the same through the end of June.

As Vocational Service Chair, please take this opportunity to let club members how to reach you - because the Rotary Club of Brentwood Means Business.

Your $100 contribution will place your business card on the placemat.  PP Fran will bill you.  

Here's what you need to do:

1.  Let me (Roger Stauss) know that you want to be on the placement.  Email him at [email protected]
2.  I will confirm your selection (newer members or those who are not on the current placemat will be given priority).
3.  I will need your business card (if I don't already have it) sometime this week or next - the sooner the better.  

     Please drop it off at 2010 Elkins Way, Suite 110

 -   Let my team know that this is for the Roitary Placemat."

Brentwood Elementry Write Letters of Thanks for Dictionaries

Thursday, December 29, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
Students from Brentwood Elementary Write Letters of Thanks. See below:


Thursday, December 29, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Brentwood Rotary Club Past President Seana Fippin and President Elect Julie Deck, encouraged our community to Adopt-A-Senior this holiday season.  Adopt-A-Senior is a fantastic way to spread the holiday cheer to our community's seniors. There are many who don't have the means, family or are not in good enough health to truly enjoy their holidays.

There are a couple of ways our members could make this Christmas season special for one of them.  BrentwoodSTRONG and the Brentwood Senior Activity Center both took steps to connect seniors with sponsors. The goal being to help our senior community receive the Christmas they deserve. Thanks to all members who participated in spreading the spirit of the holiday season with our seniors!

The photograph here shows Wes Olson with a donation from Delta Networking Partners to 501c3 BrentwoodSTRONG for the Adopt-A-Senior program.

Adopt-A-Senior is an BrentwoodSTRONG annual service project in collaboration with The City of Brentwood, The Rotary Club of Brentwood and Brentwood Regional Community Chest.

TOGETHER, we all adopted 176 seniors, which is every senior that requested adoption. They received up to 7 gifts of their choosing, a holiday meal (from BRCC), grocery gift cards, stamps and Christmas cards from Brentwood Elementary students.

It was the Rotary motto, service-above-self, that helped inspire the formation of BrentwoodSTRONG and allowed us to open service opportunities to even more locals, that may not otherwise be able to involved. It is a great example of the power of Rotary.

Adopt-A-Senior is a remarkable endeavor that included hundreds of local volunteers and sponsors.
It speaks to the heart and essence of our phenomenal community. So honored to serve Brentwood this way and give back some of blessings we all receive.????

New Members Join the Club - Pastor Dave & Laura Matlock

Thursday, December 29, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Pastor Dave & Laura Matlock were inducted into our club by Membership Chair Todd Moeller, sponsored by our fabulous Public Relations Chair Leah Rodrigue.

Message from Dan our President

Friday, December 30, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
I hope you and your family are enjoying the holiday season and wish you a safe and fun NYE celebration. We are dark again on January 2nd, and our next club meeting will be on Monday, January 9th. We also have a unique opportunity to meet and hear from District Governor Suzanne Bragdon at our Delta Force meeting scheduled for 5:30pm on Thursday, January 12th, at Lone Tree Golf Course. Dinner is $22 and, if you plan to go, you can purchase a ticket by clicking here.

Happy new year!


Casita build February 16-20, in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico

Friday, December 30, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Attention all volunteers!

We are excited to announce that the Casita build in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico will take place from February 16-20. This is a great opportunity for you to make a difference in the lives of those in need and give back to the community.

The Casita build is a project that aims to provide affordable and sustainable housing for low-income families in the area. As a volunteer, you will have the chance to work alongside skilled professionals and contribute to the construction of these homes. No prior construction experience is necessary - just a willingness to learn and a desire to help out.

In addition to the rewarding experience of volunteering, this is also a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and community of San Luis Rio Colorado. You will have the chance to interact with local residents and learn more about their way of life.

If you are interested in participating in the Casita build, please email Erin Chivello click here for my email ASAP to sign up. Space is limited, so be sure to register as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing you there!  I need solid confirmation.

Please reply to me, preferably by the second week of January with payments, breakdown below. I will take care of booking the rental cars, and these are the flights that are most cost-efficient that I will be booking for myself. Everyone that wants to go, please book the same flight so we can all travel together. 

Ball Park Costs:
Airfare $450 RT (Sacramento, CA to Yuma, AZ) Araiza Hotel $88/night Single or $44/night Double (Check In Thursday - Check Out Sunday) Restaurant on site, breakfast buffet $12/day
Shiloh (Yuma) $103/night Single or $51.50/night Double (Check In Sunday - Check Out Monday)
Hearts Empowering the Poor $50 for Dinner Thursday night with local Rotary Club and lunches on site at the build Friday, Saturday, Sunday (Paid before we go, when submitting forms)
Erin Chivello for Rental car approx. $79 each ($316 split by 4) Better estimate after final head count
Money for dinner Friday, Saturday, Sunday 

Before we go:
Vaccinated for Covid
Negative Covid Self-Test 24 hours before departure

I am so excited about getting back down to do another build and look forward to YOU joining us!! Please let me know ASAP if you'll be joining us!!

Yours In Service.
Erin Chivello
International Chair


Students of the quarter get recognized

Saturday, December 31, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Congratulations to the winning students of this quarter!

Maddox Vieira      - Freedom
Dallas Lendaris     - Heritage
Malina Zuniga      - Independance
Nevaeh Talalele    - La Paloma
Lilian Rodriguez  - Liberty


United-Indian organization

Saturday, December 31, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Our Story

United Indian Association is a non-profit organization that provides community services, social events and education to the native communities of east bay area in California. It strives to build bridges among the people, strengthen the foundation of the community, and foster a greater understanding among the Indian American community.

United Indian Association was formed in 2022 by a group of concerned individuals who wanted to preserve the rich cultural heritage of India. This is done by promoting Indian culture , festivals which bound together different communities of America. We work towards the empowerment of people in every sphere of life, whether it is their education, employment or livelihood.

We want to ensure that we are serving the needs of our community by creating an environment in which all people feel safe and welcome, regardless of race, religion, language or economic status. Our goal is to create a positive environment in which all people are respected and treated with dignity and integrity.

Click here for their website

Doug Silva makes announcement retiring from BPD

Sunday, January 1, 2023 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Comments & Photos Posted on local social media:

Captain Doug Silva’s last day after serving 31 years in law enforcement, 22 of those were with the Brentwood Police Department (BPD).

Captain Doug Silva started his career at the Fort Bragg Police Department on the coast of Mendocino County in 1991, where he spent his first 30 months assigned to the Mendocino County Narcotics task Force as a Special Agent, which was his favorite special assignment he has ever worked.  He held several positions at Fort Bragg PD, including Field Training Officer, Community Oriented Policing Officer, and Patrol Sergeant.

After meeting his wife in 1999, he decided it was time to move back to Contra Costa County, where they grew up.  He decided he wanted to work for Brentwood PD, as his friend, former Chief Tom Hansen had nothing but praise for the department.

In June of 2000, Captain Silva was hired by the Brentwood Police Department, where he moved up the ranks until 2016, when he was promoted to Captain. Over the course of his career at the BDP, he held several special assignments and collateral positions, including School Resource Officer, Patrol Sergeant, Detective Sergeant, Special Operations Unit Sergeant, SWAT Team Leader, SWAT Team Commander, Patrol Lieutenant, Investigations Lieutenant, Administrative Lieutenant, Support Services Division Captain and Operations Division Captain, Firearms and Patrol Rifle Instructor, Taser instructor, and Active Shooter Instructor.

As Captain Silva reflects on his career at BPD, he is most proud of the relationships and trust we’ve developed in the community. When asked what he loves most about Brentwood, he said, “ the family first, small-town feel regardless of growth or cultural differences.”

Congratulations Doug on your retirement!


BUSD Odyssey of the Mind

Thursday, May 5, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Club Generously Supports BUSD Odyssey of the Mind

This week, the Tuesday Lunchtime meeting witnessed one of the teams in action for " Odyssey of the Mind". The 4 students were set a task to solve as a team. They were given 5 minutes.  Whilst the team worked hard, we were educated about the program. 

"Odyssey of the Mind" is a program organized on an international scale and teams compete to qualify from all over the world. In fact, there will be about 100  competing teams coming together at Iowa State.  Seven teams have qualified this year from BUSD, which is a remarkable achievement.

President Dana Eaton presented a check from the Brentwood Rotary Club for $3000.  This is enough to cover two students.

Read More

East County Historical Society visits Brentwood Rotary Club

Friday, May 6, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

East County Historical Society

IPP Seana Fippin was  hosting the meeting on Tuesday April 26th and our guest speakers were Mary Black and Doreen Forlow from the East Contra Costa County Historical Society.  

They shared with us photographs of landmark areas around Brentwood and stories associated with it. One of the photos that stood out was our very own PP Bruce Ghiselli, supporting a very healthy head of hairApparently, Bruce was giving a car away, I believe, as a raffle prize.

Our guest speakers reminded us of the mission of the Historical Society, to collect, maintain, preserve, and protect historical artifacts and information of cultural and historical value relative to the area of East Contra Costa County.  The historical museums, consisting of the Byer-Nail House, Homer’s Shed, Eden Plains Schoolhouse, Resource Center, Pole Barn, and grounds are maintained and preserved to promote public awareness, education, and appreciation of the heritage of East Contra Costa County.


Whisky Walk

Saturday, May 7, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
Seeking donations for the Whiskey Event, so bring your favorite bottle of whiskey next week (or any other whiskey related stuff that could go in a raffle basket) for the whiskey walk.  As a reminder, whiskey bottles should be full.  Also - Tickets are available here:



Welcomng New Rotarian Darin Gale

Saturday, May 7, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Welcoming a new member to Brentwood Rotary Club, Darin Gale

Darin has joined our community here in Brentwood, coming from Yuba City, California, where he was the Deputy City Manager and also ran his own business called Gale Force Consulting.  Darin is now the Assistant City Manager -- Economic Development, Public Policy, & Government Affairs at Brentwood City Council.  Darin has a MBA from Drexel University and a BA in Economics from California State University, Sacramento.


Letter from Rae Huntington

Saturday, May 7, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

A message from Rae Huntington to Brentwood Rotary Club members

President Dr. Dana Eaton read the following message to the club from Rae.

Youth Poster Contest 2022

Saturday, May 7, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
We are in the FINAL stretch for this AMAZING Event! Awards Ceremony will be May 25th at 6 pm 

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Chris Walker Earns his wings

Saturday, May 7, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Steve Walker announced his son Chris was getting his wings this week!

Here's what Steve wrote on his FB page:
Incredibly proud of my son Chris as he received his wings from the Air Force this morning here at Laughlin AFB in Texas.Started as a Reservist while attending Sonoma State and completed boot camp at Lackland AFB in San Antonio. This was followed by more training at Kirkland AFB in Albuquerque. Having been assigned to the 130th Air Rescue Wing at Moffet, he was deployed to the Middle East for 9 months. Then came flight school.
Three months in Colorado in late 2020, followed by his latest assignment in Texas, which he began over a year ago.
Heading off to Albuquerque in the morning with a u-haul and get him set up for another 8 month stint there that starts mid-June.
Early next year he’ll be back in the Bay Area piloting a C-130 for the 130th Air Rescue Wing at Moffet.
Proud of him but also his wife Jacie (and corgi Eliza) who have endured all of these long absences.




Club Assembly

Wednesday, May 18, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
Present Dr. Dana Eaton reviewed the year and what achievements we had despite the challenges COVID19 brought to us.  He addressed club membership, ages, years of service and new members, which totaled 15.  We currently have 10 members on leave.  All leave expires June 30th 2022.  PP Fran Bowman  gave us the Financials for the Club, saying we did "very well" and even managing to reduce the weekly meeting fee.  Fund raising was impressive given our circumstances. Poker brought in $10,409.92, New Years 5K brought in $6,937.65 and the Golf Tournament $23,107.85, making a total of $40,455.42 for the year so far, not including the Whiskey Walk which is still to come in. The numbers are not final yet.  Here's where we spent some of the money:

Art Poster Contest                         $3004.00
Camp Royal                                   $1,900.00
Dictionary Project                         $3,802.00
Pillars of Hope                               $3,500.00
Hearts Empowering the Poor       $1,500.00
Kohl's Shopping Spree                  $2,500.00

Club Foundation:

Scholarships                                   $14,000.00
Students of the Quarter                   $1000.00
Liberty Choir                                     $350.00
Guatemala ( Lamorinda Club)         $500.00
Pillars of Hope                                    $600.00
Community Grants                          $4,500.00

Erin Chivello talked about International internationalities. We donated $500 to Guatemala ( Lamorinda Club)  which helps with making concrete bases for building home they build down there.  In Mexico we donated $1500 to "Hearts Empowering the Poor". Erin expanded by talking about  the work in San Luis Rio Colorado  and the projects that have been undertaken.  Click here for additional information

President Elect Dan Torres announces the new board for 2022-3.   Roger Strauss will be the new Vocational Chair.  Sargent of arms will be the dynamic duo  PP Olga Vidriales and Eric Volta.


Our friend Bruce

Saturday, May 14, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
PP David Roche dropped off a getwell card this week. It was signed by those in attendance at the May 23rd meeting.  David reported that PP Bruce Ghiseli was very excited to receive it and that we were thinking about him. 

It sounds like Bruce will be receiving treatment at Stonebrook Healthcare Center for 2-3 weeks.  Our guess is that he would love to get texts or emails of support from the club.  If you have a chance to send him a hello or reach out, I know it would mean a lot.

Stonebrook Healthcare Center; 4367 Concord Blvd.; Concord , CA 94521 - Room 121

Jason 2 truths

Saturday, May 14, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
1.) Truth: I backpacked Australia for 1 month after graduating college with nothing more than a backpack and surfing the East Coast of Australia.

2.) Truth: I got the number of a girl I thought was cute while doing Boarding Officer School in Petaluma during my time serving in the US Coast Guard, and about 1 year later she moved randomly and lived right next door to me in San Diego.

3.) Lie: When I worked as a career in Civil Engineering, I was a field engineer on the approach of the new Bay Bridge that led to the cable stayed span.  False- I worked a field engineer for a few bridges in Northern California.

Read More

Mikes 2 truths and a lie

Saturday, May 14, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Mike Crosby
  1. As a young boy I had the chance to go into the Enola Gay, the B-29 that dropped the atomic bomb during World War II.  I was able to go all the way back and sit in the tail gunners seat.
  1. I flew on board President Reagan's Air Force One  - this was a lie. He was only a VIP whilst visiting it at the Library.
  2. I was sued for $110 Million because of something I did while in the Air Force.

DeBunking Party

Saturday, May 14, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
We hope you will be able to join us on Saturday, June 18th starting at 5pm to celebrate our remarkable President Dana, as he rounds out a wonderful year. 

Please RSVP on the following evite by June 11th. We look forward to seeing you there.

Yours In Service,

Seana Fippin
(925) 336-1550


Brentwood Strong 360 Meals Prepared for Local Families

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
Reporting From Seana's FB page

PP Seana Fippin and PE Julie Sumpter Deck along with 5 others at Brentwood Neighborhood Church.

An awesome day of service!

30 Blessings Service Project with BrentwoodSTRONG, City of Brentwood, Rotary and Neighborhood Church.

360 meals prepared for local families. Thank you for introducing us to this super special program Tiffany, Maria, Nichelle and team have done an AMAZING job. Honored to Serve with them.


Heritage Scharship Awards

Thursday, May 26, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Dr. Dana Eaton Presents the Heritage Scholarship Awards Night

4 Lucky students from Heritage High School were awarded Scholarships from Brentwood Rotary Club.

from left to right
Adriana Doyle, Ysaach Habon,  Alyana Santillana, Dylan Stubo


Red to Blue

Saturday, May 14, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Congrats to Suzanne Salamy

Monterey Event

Thursday, May 26, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

to:  all in Rotary District 5160

"Before what," you ask?  Before the price for the 2022-23 Monterey District Conference goes up!
Register by June 1, 2022 to secure your space to the "WORLD PREMIERE EVENT – THE POWER OF ROTARY" - October 28-30, 2022  - for only $199.  After that?  The price changes to $225 per person.  Then soon it's $250 per person...
 Register NOW for District Conference - World Premiere Event: The Power of Rotary
October 28 - 30, 2022, at the Monterey Marriot

Congratulations if you have already registered and are ready to PARTY!   The Rotary fellowship and inspiration is hard to beat surrounded by the beauty of Monterey in October... The most spectacular time to enjoy the California coast.
But there's more!  You can NOW register for 
  • Golf on Thursday, October 27th at the Del Monte Golf Course for only $140 (includes lunch).  (click the registration link above, it will return you to your original registration)
  • A Hollywoodesque-soiree on Friday evening, October 28th for $25 at the stunning Marriott Ferrante Bay View venue (dancing, dessert, open bar and stars galore; space limited).
  • Selected activities in Monterey promoted by the Conference Committee to facilitate catching up with long-term friendships while welcoming new Rotarians and Rotaractors to the fold (purchase tickets directly with vendors; all contact information and prices provided on the District 5160 website).
Take a deep breath and SMELL that salt air.  Ahhhhh!

Lights, Camera ACTION!


Suzanne Bragdon
District Governor Elect, D5160

Screenwriter and Proud Rotarian
Fairfield-Suisun Rotary Club
[email protected]

Ross Macumber Presents

Thursday, May 26, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Fire Protection of the Delta

Ross introduced the Club to some of the areas he's involved with managing Emergency Services out on the Delta.  He shared his experiences and some of the challenges he and his staff face every day and how the "call center handles" these difficult situations.  The biggest problem that they usually come across is identifying the callers' location.  Usually, they send out several teams to cover all situations, trying to anticipate all possibilities.  

Read More

New Potential member

Thursday, May 26, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
At May 17th, 2022 Rotary meeting, Alisha Amorin was introduced as "checking us out" by Lori Avon.

Alisa is the a Senior Business Banking Relationship Manger for Bank of the West.  She is a current resident of Discovery Bay and very excited about the prospect of joining Rotary to serve her community and she's available.

Bruce Giving a Car away

Saturday, May 14, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

For those who missed the photos shared during the recent visit by the Contra Costa Historical Society.  Here's  PP Bruce Ghiselli ( member of the Lions Club) giving away the prize of  a car.

Red Badge Jayne Oertwig on Greeting Duty

Saturday, May 14, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
Red Badge Jayne Oertwig working hard greeting the membership and guests to the Club.

Kohls Event Helping Kids get back to school

Wednesday, June 1, 2022 By: Peggy Ann Valley

Back to school event is coming up again  on July 16th from 7am to 9am and we need 25 volunteers to help the students get ready for school.  Cindy Williams is spear heading the event.  Please reach out to her on  [email protected] or call on mobile: 925-325-2523

Crossing the line.

Sunday, June 26, 2022 By: Jesson, Nigel Andrew
June 18th 2022 saw the club get together at Eric Volta's home where he hosted Dana Eaton's demotion party aka Debunking! Thanks to Jay Mclaughlin for organising the program and giving a truly good roasting.  Club members were encouraged to participate in the verbal assault on the outgoing President. Calm and order was maintained as Dana took everything in his stride.

The April fools joke that Dana played on the Club was spoken about.  It was "crossing the line" when Dana sent out the following email, and those who missed it see below:

Happy Friday!  To celebrate spring and the ability to have mask free meetings, I have decided to bring back an old Rotary tradition.  Starting Tuesday, we will open and close each meeting with a song.  PP Rich Inglis and Lori Avon have graciously agreed to lead this effort each meeting and have been working so hard to recreate our old Rotary Songbooks.  Expect to get your very own copy (we will bill each Rotarian $50 on your May Bill) on Tuesday as we kick off this new chapter.  Thanks so much again to Rich and Lori!

Happy April 1st!

Catering was provided by Brian and his wife, Roshawnda.  They treated us to delicious dishes, including Beef brisket 
Smoked chicken breast, Vegan stuffed Bell peppers, Baked beans, Mac and Cheese, Potato salad, Green salad


Whisky Walk

Sunday, June 26, 2022 By: Jesson, Nigel Andrew
Julie Deck and Erin Summit hosted the 1st Whisky Walk on May 26th, 2022 at De Luna Ranch.  It was a great success!

80 tickets were sold, making $3100 for the Club.  No sponsorship was involved in this event, the next event is tentatively planned for April 28th 2023.  The event lasted 2 hours; raffle prizes and a door prize were in the offerings, plus an auction item that made $400.

Suzanne Salamy volunteered to serve the soft drinks  and served with a smile.

Read More

Rotarian of the Year

Sunday, June 26, 2022 By: Jesson, Nigel Andrew
Congratulations to Todd Moeller. Towards the end of the debunking event, in the finale, Dana handed out recognition to Board members and also bestowed a Rotarian of the Year Award on Todd.

New Member Andrea Stroben

Sunday, June 26, 2022 By: Jesson, Nigel Andrew
Andrea Stroben was initiated into the Brentwood Rotary Club.  Please join me in a big welcome!  Andrea is the Manager for National Flooring.  Andrea  was introduced by PP Roger Strauss.  She is a current resident of Oakley and very excited about joining Rotary to serve her community.

Nigel visits Blaby Rotary Club whilst visiting family in UK

Sunday, June 26, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
Nigel gets the chance to catch up with his family in Leicester.  Whilst he was there he managed to find time to stop by the local Rotary Club in Blaby.  Met up also with Louise Richardson, she has been activate with supporting charity work in Tanzania Africa, she gave a talk about the work she has accomplished so far. More information available by clicking this link here

Nigel's family are getting ready to ride the trains. 

Nigel's at the controls of this diesel train!

Major Donor Recognition Award

Sunday, June 26, 2022 By: Jesson, Nigel Andrew
Congratulations Jack Gaughan.  Jack received a Major Donor's Pin with 2 stones, recognizing $25k in contributions during his lifetime in Rotary.  A fantastic achment!  Jack received a standing ovation from everybody who was in attendance .

Betty helps Jack by showing off the goodies.

Polio Plus Society

Sunday, June 26, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
The Polio Plus Society will be raffling off this collector's collector's item,valued at $3000 .  It contains  the signature of Paul Harris.  All those enrolled in the Polio Plus society have the opportunity to win this.

Wine & Dine

Sunday, June 26, 2022 By: Jesson, Nigel Andrew

Don't forget this coming Tuesday 28th June 2022!


Home Team

Tuesday, June 28, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
The Home Team will be helping seniors with minor repairs. In the past we have helped them with hanging pictures, replacing light bulbs, replacing batteries, unpacking, etc. The seniors are always grateful for our assistance, but spending time with  them is by far what they appreciate the most. 

Roger Strauss Shares "Rotary Home Team History" for the Brentwood Club

All it takes is one Rotarian with a good idea to make great things happen! Hays Englehart of the Lamorinda Sunrise Club conceived the idea of the Rotary Home Team after helping his own father, until his passing, with home maintenance for years.  He felt like there was a big need in the greater community to serve others with the same type of help.

Roger reports that he met Hays at a District Conference, he was presenting what his Club was doing with the Rotary Home Team.  Roger thought it was just what Brentwood needed.  So, in 2016, Roger says he brought the idea to our Club and it was met with great enthusiasm and excitement to start in our community.  Once we started our Rotary Home Team program in Brentwood, Roger then pitched the program to the Antioch Club and then also the Oakley Club. Both Antioch and Oakley Rotary Clubs have very successful programs of their own now.

Every other month, we provide light home maintenance for seniors in our community, which helps them stay in their homes longer and keeps them off ladders.  This program honors our elders through our service to them.  At each event, we need Rotarians that can perform basic maintenance tasks.  We also need caring people who can simply have a conversation with a senior while the other Rotarians take care of the To-Do List!  Get involved with this great Rotary service project, you won’t regret it!

Thanks Roger for your story and contribution to this great Service Event and to the Newsletter!

Rotary International Convention ( Houston)

Tuesday, June 28, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
I attended my first International Rotary Convention in Houston, TX from June 4-8. What an experience it was!! I was amongst about 11,000 other Rotarians who all have the same goal; to do good for the people near and far. I tried to be as much of a sponge as I could and absorb all things Rotary!! The opening ceremony was amazing with the entertainment of Bollywood to honor our current President from India, and the presentation of flags was spectacular. I never knew Rotary was in so many countries, some I hadn't even heard of!! Throughout the days, we heard from incredible speakers, I met and made new friends from around the world. I was overwhelmed listening to a survivor of human trafficking, I was amazed to hear from a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, and hearing the ins and outs from an astronaut that was on an Apollo mission. The House of Friendship was vast. I saw all the opportunities to help with so many things around the world and how many Fellowships there are to join!! It was a lot to take in, but I'm glad to have had the opportunity to be there. Who better to show me the ropes for my first time than my Mom PP Colleen Knight and PDG Candy Pierce!! Hope some of our fellow Rotarians will make it to Melbourne, AUS next year to get the same experience!!

By  Erin Chivello

Additional content : 

Watch here 2022-23 RI President Jennifer Jones speaks at the closing general session of the Rotary International Convention. 08 June 2022, Houston, Texas, USA


Visit from the Water District

Tuesday, June 28, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Contra Costa Water District visits the club to talk about how the Contra Costa Water District 

Constance Holdaway visited the club to talk about their current program. 

Connstance Holdaway was appointed to the Contra Costa Water District’s Board of Directors in December 2014. She represents Division 5, which includes most of Antioch, Oakley, northern Brentwood, and the Los Vaqueros Reservoir Project’s watershed properties. She also currently serves on the Finance Committee.

Please visit the following links for a refreshing review:

About CCWD

History of the Contra Costa Water district

7 instructions for life

Tuesday, July 5, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

During a recent meeting, Gloria read an invocation, worth repeating:


In the Shadow of Diablo

Tuesday, July 12, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Guest Speaker Dan Hanel visits the Club to talk about his books!

Dan Hanel has been an educator for over 35 years - as an award winning science teacher when he received the Eukel Teacher Trust award for outstanding teachers of Contra Costa County and was named the Distinguished High School Science Teacher for the State of California, and as an award winning school administrator serving at the high school, district, and county office levels. He grew up in Richmond, CA and received a degree in Biology from U.C., Berkeley and a Masters in Education from Cal State University, Hayward. Dan, his wife, and their dog, Luna, currently live in Brentwood, CA . . . in the shadow of Diablo.

Here's a link to all of Dan's books and his website click here!


Covid is Over For These Kids

Saturday, July 16, 2022 By: Peggy Ann Valley

July 16 Brentwood Rotary was back for Kohl's For Kids.

Acknowledged to be the best event of the year, we helped 24 children improve their wardrobe for the start of the school year. The Knightsen School District and Village Community Resource Center work with us annually to provide children for this wonderful event. With the aid of parents, Rotarians, and the Kohl's staff, this event was wrapped up in under 1.5 hours. A RECORD! Each of the children received a backpack courtesy of Rhonda Kraeber and several bags of clothes. With a budget of $100/child, Santa tells me that the Rotarians were very good this year when most exceeded this budget by a lot and dug deep to take care of the overage. Thank you all for making this event successful. We touched not only the children but also the parents, as evidenced by the thank you cards. 


Tuesday, July 26, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
Peggy Ann writes from her Facebook Page:

Delinda Brown with HOPE Hospice & Health Services presented at the Club this week, July 26th 2022.  Her presentation discussed what hospice covers as well as some of the myths of hospice.  Hospice can provide services with grief support, caregiver resources, dementia education.  You can find out more at the following link:

Click here

Volunteers are always welcome. My mom worked with hospice for over 20 years, visiting patients.  She and they found it very rewarding. Volunteering makes a difference to the lives of the patient and their family.

Foundation Awards

Tuesday, July 26, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

New PHF Pins Presented 

Words taken from Seana Fippins FB post:
Heroes of the week receiving their Paul Harris Recognition .  Kudos to Colleen Knight, Cedric Moore and Nigel Jesson


Beer Festival

Tuesday, July 26, 2022 By: Ron E Wulff
It was great seeing everyone at the meeting today! Our first Annual Craft Beer Festival is quickly approaching and will be on Saturday, 9/17. The event will be from 1-5pm at the Brentwood City Park. We still have several volunteer spots that we need to fill. Thank you to those of you who have already signed up! If you signed up on the sheet at the meeting today, I have added you to the online list. If you are available and can help - even just for a couple of hours, it would be greatly appreciated! We want to make sure we have plenty of help as we are now excited to report that we are expecting over 500 attendees! It will be a spectacular event to be a part of!

Click on this link to sign up for a volunteer spot:

If you have any questions, please email me [email protected] or text/call me at 408-420-9656.

Thank you for your support!




Tuesday, July 26, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Thanks for being a good sport!

Our illustrious Sargent at Arms, Olga Vidriales called upon Kiran Taunk to talk about his recent wedding anniversary.  Kiran's wife Dolly was not in attendance so Darin (assisted by Olga) volunteered to  step in and help answer a few questions! 

Back to Monday meetings

Saturday, July 30, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
Our club meetings are now at noon,  Monday, August 1st. It was our first meeting and will feature a presentation from Boy Scouts of America's Sarah McNamara, who is a District Director and serves Antioch, Bay Point, Brentwood, Byron, Discovery Bay, Knightsen, Oakley and Pittsburg. Our very own Oscar Peccorini  also joined her to share his BSA experiences. You can learn more about the Diablo Sunrise District by clicking here.  Stay tuned, our next newsletter will reveal more details about what happened.

Interact Club

Sunday, July 31, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
Tua Curameng is the past Liberty High School Interact president and Dylan is the past Heritage High School Interact Club president. They visited our club to offer their appreciation to the members for their support. They were also 2 of the 8 scholarship recipients last year and they wanted to thank the club for thar as well. 

Special Meal

Wednesday, August 3, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

110 Magazine  Best Personal Chef Dennis Addison kicks off  Rotary's New year with a special meal

New Member Christine Canales

Wednesday, August 3, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

New member joins the club !

Kudos to our newest Red Badge member, Christine Canales!  We are thrilled you chose to become a member of our club.  Thank you to Karri Reiser for being such a fantastic sponsor!

Passing the gabble

Wednesday, August 3, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Passing over the goodies, gabble and all!

Dan took the reins to lead the Club into the New Rotary Year!

PP Dana gets his new Past President Badge!  As he walks over to receive his new, the old badge is tossed aside!


Rotary Means Business in Brentwood

Friday, August 5, 2022 By: Christina Grace Dalton

My commitment to being a transitional/executive life coach is very similar to what attracted me to Rotary - Service Above Self.  As a life coach, I am committed to the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  This organization organizes coaches to serve others in different capacities.  As one example, members as myself, provided countless hours of pro bono coaching to First Responders during the pandemic.   We are trained under professional guidelines, hours of training, and passing the mandatory 3 hour test to certify that the coaches follow the strict mandates to service others.   I follow the philosophy of empowering others to find their passion in each phase of their life.  For me, EYHLifeCoach is about service above self.


Mike Waufle

Monday, August 8, 2022 By: Julie Deck
Mike Waufle (born June 27, 1954) is a former American football coach who most recently served as the defensive line coach for the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League (NFL).[1] Waufle served as defensive line coach for the Oakland Raiders from 1998 to 2003 and coached in Super Bowl XXXVII after the 2002 season. Waufle coached primarily single gap 4 man defensive lines in 4-3 Defenses. He was the defensive line coach for the New York Giants from 2004 to 2009, and the defensive lines he coached were a strength of the team. He won Super Bowl XLII in 2007; in that game the defensive line's performance is generally credited with being a decisive factor. The defensive line of the Giants during the Superbowl sacked Tom Brady 5 times, leaving little time for Patriots receivers to get downfield before defensive linemen reached Brady. Holding the Patriots' historically high scoring offense to 14 points, the Giants defeated the previous undefeated New England Patriots. He returned to the Raiders in 2010 and 2011. From 2012 to 2016, he was the defensive line coach for the St. Louis / Los Angeles Rams under head coach Jeff Fisher. He coached the Buffalo Bills defensive line in 2017. Buffalo returned to the playoffs after 17 years. Waufle retired after the 2017 season.
Waufle served in the United States Marines from 1972 to 1975. He played defensive end for Bakersfield College in 1975 and 1976. Bakersfield College won the 1976 Junior Rose Bowl and was named Junior College National Champions. He transferred to Utah State, where he played for defensive line coach Rod Marinelli. Utah State won the PCAA Conference Championship in 1978.[2]
In 2009 he was awarded the Marine Corps “Lifetime Achievement Award” by Commandant General James T. Conway.

Watch Julie as she introduces our guess Mike Waufle


Polio Update

Sunday, August 28, 2022 By: Michael W. Crosby
Welcome two new Polio Warriors!  Leslie Steller (Danville) and Glen Weber (San Ramon)

Yes, polio has been in the news – you are getting questions, and we will be providing that we hope you will share with your club.  Before we go there,

Here's your update for August 16th

Wild poliovirus (WPV) 
Total global WPV1 cases in 2022: 20 (compared with 2 for the same period in 2021)
  • Afghanistan:  1
  • Pakistan:  14
  • Mozambique:  5

Total global WPV1 cases in 2021: 6

Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus (cVDPV) cases
Total global cVDPV cases in 2022: 246 (compared with 254 for the same period in 2021)
Total global cVDPV cases in 2021: 698

Q&A:  Polio has been detected in places it was eliminated.  Should we be worried?
A Q+A with Ananda Bandyopadhyay, Deputy Director, Technology, Research, and Analytics, Gates Foundation
  • (It's too much to add here, but if you want to check out this valuable information.  Here's how to access this information)

(If you haven't subscribed yet, please check out the Optimist newsletter from the Gates Foundation.  Look for Polio and other news the Foundation produces.

Irene Haggerty, Rotary Club of Berkeley, was the Rotarian who received the shadow box.  We presented it to her at one of their club meetings.  Everyone who joined was eligible to win this commerative shadow box, valued at $3,000!  The below photo captured the moment when Mike Crosby presented it to her.

In case you didn't see this when we sit out a few weeks ago:

One Day       One Focus       Ending Polio

It's time.  Time to start planning your club activities for World Polio Day.
October 24, 2022

Be a part of history.
Donate time, funds and the voice of Rotary's commitment to end polio 

What will your club do?  Let us know so we can help spread the world

Please open the attachment and dive in! 

Our "key" message remains:  
  • Polio remains a global threat.  Even in our country.
  • Eradicating polio is Rotary's top humanitarian role.
  • Along with our partners we have vaccinated more than 2.5 billion children in 122 countries. 
  • Without the commitment we made in 1985 to help end polio there would be 18 million people with polio today
  • Can we end polio - YES - with your help
  • Be a part of ending polio. It takes as little as $10 month on a monthly recurring basis to join the Polio Plus Society. 
    • complete the recurring donation and then email it back to Mike Crosby
  • Thank you for sharing this information with your club.

    All the healthy best – your District end polio team,

    Mike Crosby     Kay Resler     Jim Vlantis     John Waterman


Chief Hensen

Sunday, August 28, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Captain Doug Silva gives a heartfelt introduction to Chief Tom Hansen.

We grew up in the same neighborhood and went to the Police Training Academy together.  As young kids, we ran through the streets together; then, we ran the streets together as Police Officers. Our first time paralleling each other, we spent time together going through the squat team, then on Police motorcycles across the Bay Bridge, going to training in the city.  We had an amazing time, a lot of fun and challenges, but nothing we couldn’t handle. I’m not saying we did everything perfectly, but we learned from our mistakes along the way and every experience we fortunately had.  One thing I want to add is that this being Tom’s last time being seen speaking at Rotary is bittersweet.  Sweet for him because he’s going to retire after a very long successful career; it’s better for the rest of us because we lose so much institutional knowledge, we're losing a great Police Chief, we lose somebody whose passion for his profession and his passion for keeping this community safe is second to none.  So, I'm introducing the best Police Chief in the World.

Tom spoke for about 18 minutes and covered various topics, mostly covering what's happening at the city level, then it touched on his personal life.  Here's a summary:

He's been with the police force for 34 years and lived in Brentwood for 27 years.

Established in 1948, the Brentwood Police Department services an area of approximately 15 square miles. The City is divided up into 4 separate, geographical beats. We serve a growing population that is approximately 66,455 residents. Our department currently has 72 sworn police officer positions and another 36 civilian support staff positions. In addition to our permanent staff, we have approximately 20 volunteers who are citizens of our community and assist us.

Tom gives us details on the current crime stats for the City of Brentwood. View here 

The past two years have really made it hard to predict trends.  There's a lot of angry folks out there at this time. Crazy driving and domestic violence.

The number of candidates for vacations has been difficult to fill, but now adopting new incentives to attract and keep people on the force by adding 4% salary increases after 10 years service.

Tom mentioned how it's important to take care of the "little things"  we have standards and quoted " if we use excuses not to strive daily for excellence because of temporary situations or changes in societal  norms. A culture of failure policies and practices will develop in any organisation" then when on to give examples.  A building with a broken window, if not fixed in a short time, will have all its windows broken very soon after.  You don't see graffiti in Brentwood because we have policies to take care of it within 24 hours.  It shows we care and the little things matter.

Tom said he is moving out of the State of California.  His daughter is in training to be a doctor


ECC Historical Society

Sunday, August 28, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Volunteer Opportunity Click Here

Rotary Foundation

Sunday, August 28, 2022 By: Kathleen M. Wall

Candice (Candy) Pierce has served as the Executive Director of CASA of Solano County since February 2010 after having previously served on the board of directors of the organization beginning in 2008.

Candy has an extensive background in not-for-profit work including her work as the Solano County administrator for the American Red Cross, Director of Kids Country, and as the Executive Director of the Fairfield Hotel Association, now known as the Fairfield Tourism Association. In addition, Candy serves on the board of directors for various not for profit organizations including Solano County Child Abuse Prevention Council and the Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation. Candy is a member of the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services Children’s Justice Act Task Force.

In addition to her work with CASA, Candy assists other not for profits with board development and mentoring and provides seminars dealing with strategic planning and visioning. Candy is also a leadership trainer for Rotary organizations located on the west coast and in Hawaii.

Candy served as District Governor for District 5160 of Rotary International in 2006-2007 and currently serves as the Education Chair and the Strategic Visioning Chair for Rotary District 5160.

Candy can be contacted by email at [email protected] or by phone at (707) 434-0346.

Learn the History of the Rotary Foundation- Click here

Notes from Candy's speech:

We are doing well with our Rotary Foundation. It’s not just about how much money you donate, but it’s also how much good we do by spending on causes where the money is needed.   I know because one of the most important things about the Rotary Foundation that's interesting.  Ask yourself,  how many of you can travel all around the world, all the time, go and do something significant to change lives?  None of us are that wealthy that we can just get on a plane tomorrow to Kenya, go to Afghanistan, go to South America, or put drops in babies’ mouths,  build new housing, put in new wells, provide education, and provide microcredit for people.   Ask yourself, Who does that all the time?  But yet, you do it every day because you’re a member of Rotary. So, I can’t do this alone, but with Rotary International, with its membership of 1.4 million Rotarians worldwide, we can do some amazing stuff together; that’s why you should give to the Rotary Foundation.

 Many people talk about Charity Navigator Rating, “what does that look like?”. For us, it’s great because the money does not go to overhead and expenses, but it goes out and gets things done.  Ninety-one cents of every dollar you give to the Rotary Foundation goes there somewhere, so you should be very proud of that.  Examples of helping people like this lady here (showing a photograph of the lady at her sewing machine) she got a small microcredit grant for $100.  Changing an entire family’s life because they got her sewing machine. Now she has a business and the ability she can sell in her community.  Who would have thought it would change her life to that degree?  A hundred dollars isn't a large amount; it equates to a meal and a bottle of wine if you are really lucky.

This change came about because people gave to the Annual Fund.  We're going to talk mostly today about the Annual Fund.   You may ask, "What is the Annual Fund?"  Answer:  It’s just what it says that, annually, we ask you to give to the Rotary Foundation.  You guys at this club do "Squares on the Board", and  also donate money.   We hope you’ll give your donation to the Annual Fund, to the Share Fund, where the money comes back.  It's because of those funds that you guys were able to get the $9000 grant recently for the Brentwood Village Resources Center.

You can also contribute to an area of focus. There are 13 different areas of concern. Both ways work!  The beauty of giving to the Annual Fund, just to Share Account, is that money then comes back to the district for those districts’ designated grants. Like the one you just got, but you may have considerable interest in one of these focus areas, and that's OK. So, you may want to direct your funding to that, but the only difference is that half will come back.   It goes into the Fund for three years, and then three years later, that amount of money that was given comes back, usually around half and sometimes more comes back to our District.  So, that’s why every year, what we'd like to call our "big push" for every Rotarian to give something every year, some of us give more, some of us give less, and some of us give based on the fact that we were able to go on a project.  Let me ask you a question: "How many of you have gone on a project funded by the Rotary Foundation?"  Well you all need to do that!  You all need to get involved in one because I feel it will change your outlook; it’ll change your life when it comes to the Rotary. 

You know, I was lucky enough that when I first went to Rotary, my club was doing a project in Mexico, and as part of that project, I got to go along.  When we got there, we arrived at this small school.  Beforehand, what we did in my club was to obtain discarded tables and chairs and desks from our local school district that they're going to get rid of, and we refinish them.  One of our members owned a body shop we could use. We stripped them all down and repainted them, and they were beautiful. They looked brand new.   Loaded them in a truck and took them down to this small school in Mexico, where the kids would sit on the dirt floors. Anyway, we got down there and the truck backed up and we put table chairs together, we put them out in the middle of this little courtyard.  Soon they took all the kids out, and they were crying over a desk or a chair that they now have.  So they did not have to sit on the dirt floor in their classroom anymore.  Kids were crying, and Rotarians were crying even more because, you know, to these kids, it was something really different, their education so important to them.  It changed every Rotarian who was there that day because they could see firsthand what our money was doing. So, if you have ever had the opportunity to go on any projects, for example, a wheelchair project or a Rotaplast mission (Rotaplast | Saving smiles. Changing lives.), take a Polio eradication mission. I’m sure you heard those stories.  You need to do something if you can, because it will change your perspective, it will change how you look at life.

So, we ask every Rotarian to give something every year based on what you feel is the right number for you.  Become a sustaining member.


todays inspiration

Monday, August 29, 2022 By: Karri Reiser

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world." - Harriet Tubman 

New Member Jessica Busman

Sunday, September 4, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Jessica Busman 

Jessica Busman became one of the newest members of the Brentwood Rotary Club.  Join me in wishing her a warm welcome!


Kristin Braun Connelly

Sunday, September 4, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

This is a critical time for our democracy and I am compelled to run and ensure fair, impartial and accessible elections.

It is also vital that our voting systems and data is kept secure from cyberattacks and other threats. My professional and volunteer experience demonstrates my enduring commitment to the important work the Clerk-Recorder-Registrar performs.  



Click here for Kristin Connelly Website

Catching UP on PHF awards

Sunday, September 4, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

PP Greg and PP Rich received their PHF.

Marsha also received her PHF

Our founder Mr. Paul Harris was born on April 19, 1868, but at age 3 moved to Wallingford, Vermont. He attended the University of Vermont and Princeton University, graduating from the University of lowa with a law degree in 1891. After moving to Chicago and practicing law for 4 years, Harris attended dinner with colleague Bob Frank. Mr. Frank strolled through many shops and greeted many of the shopkeepers as Harris tagged along. Pleasant hellos and brief encounters left Mr. Harris was impressed with a sense of camaraderie. He wondered if there was a way to channel this camaraderie, to develop a network, how could he create more encounters like this and further friendships. "Why not bring them together? If others were
longing for fellowship as I was, something would come of it." He thought to himself. A group of four friends got together, with Harris in charge, to create Rotary. The first meeting was held on February 23rd, 1905 and took place at an office in downtown Chicago. Thanks to this first meeting, we are the Brentwood Rotary Club you know of today!


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DG Nominee Dan Geraldi visits club for special presentation

Sunday, September 4, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Thank you District Governor Nominee Dan Geraldi for visiting our Club and Presenting the District grants check that will aid our efforts this year to support the "Village Community Resources Center.  The funds awarded will most certainly help the students and families that VCRC serves!  To learn more about this deserving organization, see the link below:

Click here for more information!

Here is a summary of what District Governor Nominee Dan Geraldi said:

“I’ve got to give credit to those who are on the District Grants committee; I was really impressed with the homework and dedication that everyone on the committee put into the review process. As a part of that, the Brentwood Club submitted an application to do a service project with the Village Community Resource Center.  We have people from the Village Community Resource Center here today, Correct? (Kiran and Bill came forward to receive the check) because we (the District) come bearing gifts.”
“So, the plan Brentwood Club wanted to put together wanted to help provide services for the unserved in the community, The Village Community Resource Center. The funding from this grant will help the Center to achieve its mission by providing funds related to help with buying desks, furniture, and other items that are to be used daily. So, on behalf of the district, I wanted to present this check for $9000.”
“Now, it’s important to know that this is your money; two years ago, you gave a lot of money to the Rotary Foundation, and that money comes back.  This is not only an appreciation of what you gave but also what you continue to do.”

Best dress BBQ in town

Sunday, September 4, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Heritage High School Patriots Parents Organization

Back to School Night

Red to Blue

Sunday, September 4, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Jayne Oertwig

Jayne made it into her blue badge. Congratulations!  

Jayne shared one of the most rewarding tasks for her since becoming a member of the club was volunteering and helping at the Khol's Back to school event.  She shared with us why this event was so special for her and how she has been able to keep in touch and influence the family who needed help. She added that she was helping the mother, who has 2 children, getting her help with education with computers and language.  She also mentioned that she now knows how to make lots of pancakes!


Singing Captain

Sunday, September 4, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Click here to access Instagram, where you'll find Captain Doug Silva sounding like Elvis Presley

Club Sings Happy Birthday to David

Monday, September 5, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
Happy Birthday David!  The Club grants his wish to sing happy Birthday to him!  

Click here to watch video

Messages from Mike in Uganda

Monday, September 5, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Greetings from Uganda.  We (my wife and I as well as ten Rotarians and friends from our District) have completed the distribution of 263 wheel chairs as well as medical and vision supplies (the vision supplies are 400 pairs of glasses from The Lions Clubs).  A truly moving experience!  The need is so great.  Here I am with a polio survivor.  He is truly a "crawler".  This wheel chair will give him a new view of life and a way to get around.

Here's new information as well as an update:

In July, a case of variant poliovirus type 2 (VDPV2) was detected in the US, just weeks after the virus was detected in wastewater samples in the UK. Polio's return to areas that had been unaffected for decades, seen in recent outbreaks of wild poliovirus (WPV1) in Malawi and Mozambique, is a stark reminder that as long as polio exists anywhere, it remains a threat everywhere. The re-emergence of polio can be explained by many factors, including vaccine hesitancy and a global drop in childhood vaccination rates,but it's clear today that no matter the location, anyone not vaccinated against polio is at risk. To prevent further cases of paralysis, all countries must maintain high vaccination coverage and robust disease surveillance.

  • WILD POLIO VIRUS, TYPE 1 (WPV1) - There was one new case of WPV1 reported  in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa last week, so the overall count increased to 21 for the year.  Although it was only just reported, paralysis actually occurred on August 1st.  This brings the total number of cases in Pakistan to 15, all coming from the same area.

  • THIS YEARS DETECTION OF THE IMPORTED WILD POLIOVIRUS IN MALAWI AND MOZAMBIQUE set off a series of coordinated campaigns across East Africa, as countries acted to swiftly protect their populations and prevent further transmission.  Approximately 450 million doses of nOPV2 have been administered across 22 countries under its WHO Emergency Use Listing (EUL) to date.  An additional 16 countries have met the requirements for nOPV2 use in the event of an outbreak.

  • In the past few weeks, record monsoon rains have dumped more than five times the 30-year average for rainfall in some provinces, killing more than 1,300 people, nearly 400 of them children, and injuring over 6,000.  More than 1 million have been displaced from their homes and according to Shelter Box, literally ? of the country is under water.  One of the hardest hit areas is the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, where Pakistan's 15 Wild Polio Cases originated from earlier this year.  

    WHO'S EMRO (Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office) has released US$4 million for Pakistan aid while polio teams support disease surveillance for other diseases during the flood emergency. 

    Afghanistan. The transition of power in Afghanistan in August 2021 left the fate of nation's polio programme uncertain at a critical moment, with wild poliovirus cases at a historic low. But since November, seven nationwide vaccination campaigns have now set out to vaccinate over three million children who had never been reached with polio vaccines due to local-level bans on immunization. Increased access has also led to improved disease monitoring activities, and in June, the first review of Afghanistan's polio surveillance systems in six years left the programme confident that these efforts have been successful.

    • THAT'S IT FOR THIS WEEK FOLKS.   I will continue to send updates when possible - if the internet allows....

      Mike Crosby    Kay Ressler     Jim Vlantis   John Waterman  

PP Dana talks to the about a team effort cleaning up Marsh Creek

Monday, September 5, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

PP Dana Eaton addresses the club about an upcoming project , which will be a team effort to clean-up Marsh Creek.  Volunteers are needed.  

Brentwood Rotary Club makes Donation to Scouts

Monday, September 5, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson
Good afternoon, Dan.
Thanks again for the donation to the Diablo Sunrise District of BSA. 
I also reattached the contest flier so you may forward it to your Club members.  Also, for those that are interested in volunteering, here’s the link to signup online:

Click here to sign up!
After the event, I’ll follow up with pictures to share with your Club members.
Thank you, again, for your support.

Sarah McNamara
Boy Scouts of America (BSA)
District Director

Volunteers needed to arrange lunch for First Responders

Monday, September 5, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Erin Summit has been hard at work arranging for a BJ's lunch delivery to honor our local first responders on Friday, September 9th.

Text her at 510-304-6216 if you would like to join in.

Notes from a few of our recent scholarship recipients

Monday, September 5, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Adam Martinez pledges $1000 towards his first PHF

Monday, September 5, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Way to go Adam!

Adam Martinez made a big announcement during his time with the Sargent at Arms ( Mr. Eric Volta).  Adam was talking about what he was doing for his birthday and, as the routine goes "what are you going to do for the club Adam!" he announced that he would make a donation of $1000 to secure his first PHF.

Tim Dahl has help from Denis

Monday, September 5, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Tim Dahl got help from Darin Gale , who stood in for Tim's wife.  You see, it was Tim's wedding anniversary and Darin made a good substitute.

New member joins the Brentwood Rotary Club

Monday, September 5, 2022 By: Todd Moeller

Welcome Michael Dewilde ( sponsor is Adam Martinez)

Michael runs his own media and marketing company called  DeWilde Laine Media. Click here to follow link to website.

Michael spoke for 2 minutes and told us how he was breaking the mold of his family's past, a history that he does not want  to repeat and now wants to connect with people of redeeming qualities and purpose!

Taken from Linkedin:

Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Artist skilled in Video and Audio Engineering, Video and Audio Pre and Post Production, Video and Audio Editing, Avid Technology, Adobe and Art. Balanced skills in graphic and web design. A strong engineering professional, he attended the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising for Fashion, and Los Medanos College for Electrical Engineering and Recording Arts. Experienced Utilities Operator with a demonstrated history of working in the mining & metals industry.


Beer Festival - All hands on deck!

Monday, September 5, 2022 By: Nigel Andrew Jesson

Mike Crosby recently made a follow-up announcement for the upcoming beer festival. 

It's all hands on deck, we need everybody to volunteer and help.  We have 30 breweries involved! It will be the only fundraiser this Rotary Calendar year! They have sold over 500+ tickets and it's going to be busy.

In addition, Mike wanted to review a (Cliff Dochterman version) of the four-way test!

1. Is it cold?  Yes!!
2. Is there enough there for all concerned? Yes!!
3. Will it build good times and much better friendships?  Yes!!
4. And finally, can it get better than this?

Rotary means Business

Monday, September 5, 2022 By: Olga B Vidriales

Team Olga Sells  &  Corcoran Global Living
Intero - Brentwood, Discovery Bay (

It was great to hear from Olga this week, featuring " Rotary Means Business"  where members of our club are given a minute to speak about their businesses in Brentwood.

Olga is a well-established and successful realtor based in the Brentwood area, having premises on 1st Street downtown.  She has been in business since 2012.

Olga's husband, Vince Vidriales, runs the Share Community Nonprofit, which is our reaching program helping the homeless.  They have 25 homeless people visiting every week, on Tuesdays in Antioch.  This is where they are able to get cleaned up, have a shower and get some used clothes to wear.  This gives them some dignity back and helps with the problems of living on the street.  Click here for more information!

Olga reports that they have had some success (nearly saying sex) stories. For example, one lady(Josie) who has been re-housed and been offered a nursing program. 


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